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The Great Ongoing Color Debate

  There’s little doubt that by this point, everyone with a Facebook account has witnessed the feverish debate surrounding a photo of a dress that appeared blue and black to some and white and gold to others. You’ve also likely …

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copywriter infographics

4 Insightful Infographics for Better Copywriting

Thanks in part to shows like Mad Men and to books like Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This (jokingly), copywriting has a reputation for being spurts and sputters of wild creativity—the rest of a copywriter’s time spent sneaking out to the movies and lodging pencils in the …

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Instagram, social media marketing

5 Ways to Win on Instagram

Social media is firmly established as a great way to reach consumers. It’s dynamic, ever-changing, fun and measurable. It can also be unpredictable and tricky for brands that are working to get meaningful engagement with their content. At a time …

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