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copywriter infographics

4 Insightful Infographics for Better Copywriting

Thanks in part to shows like Mad Men and to books like Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This (jokingly), copywriting has a reputation for being spurts and sputters of wild creativity—the rest of a copywriter’s time spent sneaking out to the movies and lodging pencils in the …

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Instagram, social media marketing

5 Ways to Win on Instagram

Social media is firmly established as a great way to reach consumers. It’s dynamic, ever-changing, fun and measurable. It can also be unpredictable and tricky for brands that are working to get meaningful engagement with their content. At a time …

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Millennials at Work

Millennials on Millennials: Market To Us Not To Them

This year, Millennials have officially surpassed all else as the favorite topic of marketers and content creators everywhere. Who are they? What are their values? How are they affecting the workplace? The marketplace? Where do we reach them? Why are they always …

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