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Go Mobile or Die (in Search Rankings)

On April 21st Google will update its mobile search algorithm to favor companies with responsive sites, leaving those that aren’t mobile compatible lost in search ranks. For businesses behind the mobile curve, what is being dubbed “mobilegeddon” is presenting some very real challenges. This is just …

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The Great Ongoing Color Debate

  There’s little doubt that by this point, everyone with a Facebook account has witnessed the feverish debate surrounding a photo of a dress that appeared blue and black to some and white and gold to others. You’ve also likely …

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copywriter infographics

4 Insightful Infographics for Better Copywriting

Thanks in part to shows like Mad Men and to books like Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This (jokingly), copywriting has a reputation for being spurts and sputters of wild creativity—the rest of a copywriter’s time spent sneaking out to the movies and lodging pencils in the …

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