The Multi-Generational Market

This is an intervention.

Look around you. There are three generations in the workplace. There are three generations of office managers, empowered users, CEOs and decision makers. They all were by different generations, in different political and cultural climates. And, therefore, they all have unique priorities, values and preferences as consumers, communicators and workers.

Whether you are selling to them, partnering with them or employing them, you need to understand what makes them tick.

Who are your buyers? Who is your audience?

Right now? You probably market your business towards the Baby Boomers and/or Generation X. However, the things that make Gen X tick are vastly different from what will make Baby Boomers tick. And Baby Boomers have been retiring at a rate of 8,000 per day for the past year.

Who will be your buyers?

The Millennial aren’t the rascal teenagers down the block; they’re the young professionals in the office down the hall…some of them even have the corner office.

As you plan the future of your business, consider how your audience. When you market to just one slice of the workforce-pie you may as well be addressing your campaign “Care of: Trashcan”.

How can you reach and interact with all three generations?


Stay tuned for profiles to help you understand and customize your approach for everybody’s eyes and ears:

Meet the Millennials (Born 1980-1994; Currently 18-32 years old)


Grew up on technology
Value loyalty and team-work
High expectations
Excellent multi-taskers
Demand authenticity

Meet Gen X (Born 1965-1979; Currently 33-47 years old)


Adaptable, independent and resourceful
Value freedom and learning experiences
Tech friendly, but not tech-dependent
Use internet for email, news, weather and banking
Demand quality

Meet The Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964; Currently 48-66 years old)


Prefer face-to face communication
Independent decision-makers
Career focused, achievement driven
Watch more TV and read more newspapers
Demand promotions and customer rewards

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