Reseller Webskin System

Scalable, flexible, done

Today a Content Management System (CMS) is essential for large-scale web development. Organizations with multiple brands, distribution channels and web properties, need a template system to efficiently scale development, manage content, and have resources available for timely updates.

We plan, refine and develop web strategy for companies that are supporting numerous web properties. We incorporate best practices in usability, responsive design, UI/UX, while understanding the goals and workflow of the system. This experience gives us the ability to discuss web zones, wireframes and skins needed for a successful system launch. This featured system was developed for an independent channel community. It supports many different kinds of brands with a need for common content management, easy maintenance and diversity among various web properties.


Web Template System

Work Done

  • Developed wireframes and webskin system
  • Documented standards for the system
  • Rolled out to hundreds of independent sites
  • Implement brand customization

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